Month: January 2019


Is it possible that the only reason anyone has ever listened to Betsy DeVos is that she is a billionaire? I can’t imagine and certainly don’t know of any solid reason to listen to her about education. Her qualifications as Secretary of Education are almost wholly a function of her political activity in giving money…

Amy Klobuchar

I don’t know if Senator Klobuchar should be President – yet – but I do believe that someone with her intellect and values should replace the demagogue that now holds the office. Joe Biden has the combination of experience, values and knowledge that would enable a productive and successful presidency, but his age is a…

Caring Bytes

Determinism is an ages old debate in philosophy involving deep elements of freewill and morality. Now Artificial Intelligence has raised the debate to a different, if not a new, level. While we struggle to understand the human mind and the brain-body functions of ourselves and our domestic and laboratory animals, what is being done with…

Water Revisited

Water is everywhere. It is not hard to understand why water is so taken for granted. That is until there is not enough water to sustain life. Then every drop is precious.

These Perilous Times

A strategy of doing is a planetary imperative because each human being is contributing to changes in earth’s physical and political ecology. Too much of what we are doing, individually and collectively, is not sustainable. We are part of a community and that is our ecology; the place where we interact with ever changing relationships….