Easter’s Truth


Easter’s Truth

How can we expect a society that honors truth when the moral, intellectual and spiritual foundations of well over 60% of people revolve around a myth of magisterial proportions? Yes, revolve. Most people in the USA are spinning in and out of unbelievable beliefs about what is right and what is wrong unencumbered by factual knowledge of the world they live with daily. What is true and what is untrue is irrelevant as justification for what they believe to be true. To that I just want to scream “For Christ Almighty!”

When will people wake up and be really born again? Whatever a soul may be it is not physical. Anatomists dissected deeply and never found a soul that they could believe in. Soul must be a metaphor about reality and morality and mortality. Perhaps truth itself is a metaphor.

We are creatures of what we have been taught. Our reality is rarely original; newly discovered and affirmed with the power of personal experience. Every child tries its parents and discovers what works and what doesn’t work to settle the distinctions between pleasure and fear. Sometimes fear is overwhelming and accepted as ongoing reality. There are, in the small world of the child, sources of fear that nothing can be done to prevent. Learning to pray; “Now I lay me down to sleep … if I should die before I wake, I pray dear Lord my soul to keep,” is a robbery of reality.

Declaration that “I am the way, the truth and the light” is hubris befitting delusion. What manner of charisma forfeited the independent thinking of disciples as they created a myth that included stories of magical miracles that defied simple known realities of gravity, water, birth and death. A score of centuries later throngs gather to pay and pray in perpetuation of the myth. Music fills the cathedral and lifts the spirit. Then the thoughtless mass emerges to experience sunshine and a feast while ignoring dark clouds of humanity and starving masses. The real and lasting truth is the Easter Bunny.