Your New Year!

Years end and years begin. Eternity is always just around the corner. But the exciting element of existence is that there is always another corner with new expectations. I hope that 2019 will be better for you than all the rest. The future awaits and will emerge. May it meet all of your expectations.

I continue my quest to understand life in all of its myriad meanings. It is always apparent that meaning is elusive because for every question we ask and seem to answer, there are other questions to add to the search for understanding. That is because we are, whether admitted or not, profoundly ignorant. This morning, as I do almost every morning, I wrote and included a question about our biology. I never find myself too far from that thought that if we don’t try to understand our biology we will lack a foundation for understanding much of anything else. When it comes to ultimate questions, I do wonder; how are we more than our biology?

Sometimes we may try too hard to understand. Shit happens! Isn’t that OK? Who cares why an apple falls from a tree? I am not sure I really care but I know that I am curious. Newton did the caring for me. Einstein took time to care about relativity. Now an army of talented people are caring about how life and intelligence works. Understanding advances while we are left with mystery and misery.

To live in America for me, my family and my friends means living pretty well. I don’t rub elbows with billionaires, although a few frequent contacts have accumulated material wealth measured in millions. Wealth is a matter of how it is measured. Happiness is always a pretty good measure since if you have it you know it. Health is also a pretty good measure. Measurements in millions or billions don’t make enough sense to matter.

Unfortunately in America and around the world there are too many who have neither happiness or health. What matters is life; biological life and spirit is living. What brings living together is the will to make one more moment real. When that will is gone there is nothing.

May our new year be everything and everything is love.