These Perilous Times

A strategy of doing is a planetary imperative because each human being is contributing to changes in earth’s physical and political ecology. Too much of what we are doing, individually and collectively, is not sustainable. We are part of a community and that is our ecology; the place where we interact with ever changing relationships. There is no discrete boundary between our community and the rest of the world. We are all connected in the construction of a global reality.

Nothing we say is more important than what we do together. Change begins personally and locally. Everyday we are faced with choices about changing. Unfortunately too much of our lives are roaming in a rut of our own making. Sometimes it is really difficult to realize that the rut is present let alone how deeply our lives are entrenched. There were a lot of antecedents that we could not control beginning with choice of parents, time or location of our birthday, our name and on and on. Yet at some point we started to become emancipated from our times and places or origin. We acquired choice. Only the trench keeps us from choosing and being different.

We can change parts of what we are and what we do; but, no one, no matter their persuasive or political power will change the laws of physics and chemistry that are embedded in every aspect of planetary life. Politicians don’t make the physical laws of the universe, although some we live with in our time come perilously close to thinking without regard for physical reality. Climate change, human overpopulation growth, and water for life are not negotiable but choices are essential, even imperative.

Social inequality is an entiely different matter. Status quo seems like a natural law to some, but it is not any more than was feudal systems of dependence and slavery and religious dogma. Existence is about choice; ours and others. Homelessness, poverty are forms of social inequality that should never be persistent for individuals or communities.

Life is a journey and a quest to survive. Sustainability is stewardship — taking care of our physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual home — our ecology — with all of its energy flow and material conservation. Every one who participates must be afforded the dignity of choice. In these perilous times it may be imperative for all of us to pause and think critically about how we are all connected with homelessness and poverty.